Bridging Businesses & Opportunities


Papa Diop is an accomplished all round Business Professional with extensive experience in Client/Customer Relationship Management, Business Development, Enterprise IT Systems Support, Administration, Business / Financial Management and Customer Service in both International, Government and Private Sector business settings in Senegal, Australia and Overseas.
Several years of experience working for international organisations such as UNDP/ UNCDF, KBR, AEGIS...

Freelance Project Manager with an emphasis on Business Development, Client Relationship Management, Information Technology. Specialising in the rationalisation of systems, for a focused and lean I.T operating environment. 

  • Representation/Distribution - Help enterprises in finding new niche markets with high returns for their Excess, Return, Faulty or Unsold stock.

  • Personal Development/ Coaching - Helping business managers increase their customer base, get more organized with their day to day activities while increasing their productivity by leveraging Information Technology 

  • Business Development Adviser - using information technology processes, devices and tools (BI, CRM tools....) to enable enterprises gain competitive advantage, generate new leads and thrive in this competitive global business world. Increase enterprises social media presence; assist them in building a better reputation and revenues.